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 Life in Thailand. 

Waynes Web World is the place to find out about Rice Farming, Rubber trees, building a house and home, and a flavor of friends and family life in Thailand.  My wife Jannapha and I are building a home and a farm in what started to be traditional Thai style but has evolved into evolutionary style rather than sound architect renderings.  Your comments are welcome regardless of where in the world you are and recognize that retiring and living in Thailand is fast becoming an International pursuit for many..  We are including many photos of our life here including friends and family photos., even if they are a bit unorganized.  We hope the site is rich in content and that you enjoy your visit to Waynes Web World.  Enjoy your visit to our site and please share your comments using the email link below.

I have just added several pages to some information about the The Class Reunion of MSTC HS class of 1952.  This link is to the Moorhead Baby Dragon 60 year class reunion site.  I'm leaving this link so if interested go see how things were


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